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Point-and-Click Data Exchange
How To Connect

Establish a connection between the Workbench configuration software and the IIoTA™ / Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance.

Point-and-Click PLC Values
into a Database

Insert data into a database from a PLC in less than two minutes:

  1. Choose your PLC driver and assign the PLC's IP address 

  2. Connect to the database with its IP address

  3. Map the PLC values to the database fields with drop-down menus

Connecting to a Device (PLC)
Auto-enumerate (Capture)
PLC Tags/Registers

The IIoTA™/Data Commander™ comes with drivers for a wide variety of PLCs and machine controls, discovers them, and displays them for point-and-click data exchange with databases.

Since these are native device drivers, the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ can communicate directly to the device via the native language.

How to Connect to a SQL Server Database
(Create a Transport)

This video demonstrates how to connect the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance to a Database server on the IT (Enterprise) side.

A Transport is a connection to a database server. The goal is to get information to and from the database server and that starts with a connection.

Create a Select Action
(Transport Map)

How to select information

from a database server. Once read from the database, write it to a device (PLC).

Why? Read recipe information from the database side into the PLC side.

Benefit: Instantly transfer recipe modifications across the entire facility. 

Create a Select Action
from Multiple Rows
(Transport Map)

How to select information from

multiple rows in a database server and write the changes to a device (PLC).

With the IIoTA™/Data Commander™, modifications to the database can easily and quickly be written to the device (PLC).

Create an Insert Action

Learn how to create an Insert Action.

Monitor PLC bits to Insert production values into a database.  Entering real-time production data from the PLC into the database guarantees traceability of all the parameters used in the production.

Create an Event-Based Select Trigger

How to create an event-based select trigger. This video demonstrates, how to get data from the data table and write it to a device (PLC). Plus, learn how to set up WATCH variables and reports for debugging. 

Create a Listener: Part 1

How to create a listener. What is a listener. Why use a listener.

The IIoTA™/Data Commander™ can be used to connect a scanner or any legacy devices that have been added to the line by setting up a listener.

Create a Listener: Part 2

How to create a listener map.

The listener map will be used with the listener trigger to move data from the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ into the device (PLC).

Create a Listener: Part 3

How to create a listener trigger.

Learn how to take a QR code value that's coming into the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ and move it into the PLC.

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