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IIoTA infographic

IIoTA™ & IIoTA MiNi™ Brochure

Learn the differences between the stand-alone IIoTA™ and the IIoTA MiNi™.

Tri-fold Brochure

The tri-fold brochure describes how the Data Commander works, shares the devices and databases it connects, and presents technical images of our MES Gateway Appliance.

IoT Security PPT

"Achieving End to End Security in an Industry Lacking Interoperability" was presented at the educational conference for Smart Manufacturing at ATX West.

IIoTA™ Software

Workbench Interface v. 20.1.5

The Workbench Interface is all that's required to operate the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance.  This application is embedded in our appliance's firmware and can also be used on a desktop computer for trial.

Please Note: the zip folder will need to be extracted to your C Drive.

OT-IT Reference Guides

The document links below are to reference material for the IIoTA™/Data Commander™, OT-IT concepts, and presentations.

IIoTA™/Data Commander™ MES Appliance

Feature Sheet

The Feature Sheet provides product descriptions along with information about device drivers.

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide is a 1-2-3 instruction to connect devices (e.g. PLCs) to databases (e.g. SQL) in minutes. Quick start guide for the DIN Mount IIoTA MiNi™.

Resetting IP Addresses to Default

This guide shows how to reset the IP addresses on your IIoTA™/Data Commander™ without compromising existing programs and settings.


ISA-95 OT-IT Network Infographic

The network infographic demonstrates where the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ sits between OT and IT systems for an automated interface between enterprise and control systems' communication levels (ISA-95)

Presentation: Production Line Data Collection

This presentation describes how to connect industrial control systems with IT. End-users can learn how to use the point-and-click application on the IIoTA™/Data Commander™ to talk natively to automation controls on the production line. An ethernet connection to OT devices and an ethernet connection to IT's databases is all that is needed.

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