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The Rockwell driver provides communication support to Rockwell PLCs.

This is your guide for using the Rockwell driver with the Data Commander™.


It is presumed that you have experience with the following:

       •  Rockwell PLC architecture

       •  Rockwell PLCs

       •  Rockwell naming conventions

       •  Rockwell software applications RSLinx and RSLogix 5/500/5000

       •  The Workbench

Before using information in this guide, the following should have happened:

       •  A Data Commander™ MES Gateway product was installed in its operating environment.

       •  The Rockwell PLCs have been set up and connected to the Data Commander™.

This guide contains the following:

       •  Rockwell supported hardwareExplains the Rockwell PLCs that are compatible with the Rockwell driver.

       •  Rockwell device definition:  Explains the steps used to define the different types of Rockwell devices.

       •  Rockwell supported access:  Explains the data elements and data supported by the Rockwell driver.

       •  Rockwell unsolicited message support:  Explains the unsolicited message types supported by the Rockwell driver.

       •  Rockwell performance considerations:  Provides information about Rockwell device access performance.

       •  Rockwell driver troubleshooting:  Explains common problem situations and their solutions and describes the                            extended status codes returned by the Rockwell driver. 

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