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How an Automation Engineer Eliminated Human Data Entry Errors

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Data - Data - Data! If you're a manufacturing engineer searching for a solution to get more data, better yet, more quality data, this story is for you! First, watch this short video.

Can production data exchange really be that simple?

Don't take our word for it. Here's an interview with J.D., Senior Automation Engineer and a Data Commander™ user.

ellItek: What challenges or needs did you face in your industry that led you to look for a solution like the Data Commander? What requirements were you looking for in a solution?

J.D.: We had a need to gather production and fault data from a machine that had already been upgraded and added to many times. Because this machine had several PLC's controlling different areas, we were looking for a network based system that would implement quickly and be robust enough to gather from multiple sources in real-time. The Data Commander far exceeded our needs on this.

elliTek: During implementation of the Data Commander, what problems developed and how where these solved?

J.D.: We really didn't experience many issues. It was a simple system to bring online, and the videos on the website got us where we needed to be.

elliTek: Describe your selection process and what you found most attractive about the Data Commander?

J.D.: We didn't evaluate many. We saw the Data Commander, and it was cost effective and solved our issues.

elliTek: What processes does the Data Commander enhance and how much does it reduce the cost to complete these processes? How much time does the Data Commander save your employees?

J.D.: We completely eliminated the need for our workers to report shift data to supervision. Not only did that increase their productivity, but it also has had a vast impact on the quality of our data. The numbers are correct and don't have the human error issues that having many people recording it had.

elliTek: What are the three (or more) words that describe your experience and why would you recommend the Data Commander to your peers?

J.D.: It Simply Works. Period. And yes, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and easy platform that is robust and powerful enough to handle large amounts of data.

elliTek: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!

Warning! Data Ahead!

WARNING! Once you start seeing your data move, you'll want more!

If you're willing to take that risk, visit the FAQ and Resources pages to learn more about the Data Commander™ MES Gateway Appliance. Then send us a request for a free online demo.

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