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  • Keary Donovan

Assembly Show Booth (#2319) Contest

Visit our booth# 2319 at The Assembly Show to see how simple it is to exchange OT's production line data with IT's databases when OT and IT systems are isolated properly with the Data Commander MES Gateway Appliance.

The booth contest is straight forward. Visit our booth for a demonstration of how to use the Data Commander's point-and-click application to create a SQL Insert from an Allen-Bradley PLC's tag. No programming knowledge is necessary.

We'll time your attempt at moving data from the PLC to the database after you're confident that your questions have been answered. Times will be tracked on a scoreboard until the end of the Assembly Show. The fastest times will have their choice of gift prizes:

- MindStorm EV3:

- RC Tracked Racer:

- Space Shuttle:


- a Gift bottle of Spirits ;)

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