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Translate Data Between OT and IT

Data Transfer Appliance Simplifies Factory Network Security

The Data Commander™ is a smart plug-and-play appliance which connects data-gathering field devices to data-consuming systems like cell controllers and HMIs, shop floor displays, and database systems which run Manufacturing Execution Systems and Enterprise Requirements Planning.

Two NIC ports connect the lower ISA Level 0, 1, and 2 data with upper ISA Level 3, 4 and 5 systems.  The two networks are completely isolated, yet the data moves securely between them through the embedded application which TRANSLATES data, rather than TRANSFERRING data, as routers and switches do.  This same mechanism isolates the two networks and creates a barrier to accidental or malicious penetration.

Data Commander™ is smart.  Its unique patented technology recognizes devices on each network and only communicates with those mated to it in the set up and configuration.  It comes with built-in interfaces to many PLCs and machine controllers for gathering real-time data from factory assets and field devices.  Upstream, it has interfaces to databases, like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL.  In between these upstream and downstream networks, Data Commander™ has a translator engine which lets the user map data from one device to another device, to a stored procedure call in to a database, and back again in the other direction.

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