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Unique Approach to Factory Data

A Intelligent Applicance that Connects Shop Floor to IT



Easy to Install and Maintain
   Rugged, self-contained, ready to run
   Sealed, fanless, 110 VAC, -60C to +80C
   Sit or mount anywhere

Eliminate Programming

Data Commander™ replaces the need for OPC, with its associated software development expertise, costs, lead times, and network vulnerabilities.

An easy-to-use GUI Utility Program runs on Microsoft Windows through a local Ethernet connection, and allows a manufacturing engineer to visually map PLC devices to applications or database tables, eliminating the need for ladder logic, C/C++, JAVA or .NET programming.

Production engineers can select incoming data from PLCs, process controllers, flexible assembly cells and their sensors, scales, and barcode readers, map that data to local displays or an internal database, perform calculations, and send EDI messages or call stored procedures on MES databases.  These ISA Level 3, 4 and 5 systems can communicate to the isolated production lines on the other side of The Data Commander™ to proceed with the next operations, or even download new recipes.

The heart of Data Commander is an embedded application which is data driven.  Like a spreadsheet, the engineers can configure it to move data from one source to an internal container, perform calculations, store it, and move it to outgoing data clients, simply by connecting to data containers assigned to those devices or databases.

Secure and Scalable

In addition to its dual networks isolating the shop floor devices from IT servers and the outside world, Data Commander™ controls access by authentication, role-based access authorization for each device, and for each data element.  Its application contains drivers for a huge variety of PLCs, machine vision systems, machine tools, and robots.

Its embedded operating system and dedicate application are immune to virus and malware aimed at database servers, desktops, and web applications.

Bi-Directional Communication
  Ethernet on dual NIC ports
  RS-232 ( optional )


The Data Commander™ enables bi-directional data communication to enterprise systems and databases. It directly connects to:

Databases:   Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2/400.
Messaging systems:   TCP, HTTP, Microsoft MSMQ, IBM WebSphere MQ,  SAP NetWeaver/JMS, MQTT


Data Integrity, Traceability, and Compliance

Its internal database provides store-and-forward capability to maintain data integrity even if the database connection is interrupted. Detailed logging also ensures traceability of production data for regulator and safety compliance, and helps to quickly locate data issues, whether on the OT side or the IT MES side.


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