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using the Data Commander™

The Data Commander™ MES Gateway products allow users access and control over resources.

A device is a resource that can represent a physical device, i.e. a programmable logic controller (PLC), and RF tag reader or a sensor. 

The following devices can be defined with the Rockwell driver:

       •  ControlLogix CPU

       •  SLC 500 CPU

       •  PLC-5 CPU

       •  Unsolicited Logix Listener

       •  CompactLogix CPU

       •  MicroLogix CPU

       •  Unsolicited PLC-5/SLC 500 Listener

       •  Micro800 CPU

The Unsolicited Logix Listener and the Unsolicited PLC-5/SLC 500 Listener are unique device types in that they do not represent a physical Rockwell PLC. These two "Listener" devices when started activate a process on the Data Commander™ that will listen for unsolicited message sent from Rockwell PLCs. The Rockwell PLCs will be configured to route the unsolicited messages to a Listener device running on the Data Commander™.

       •  The Logix Listener is able to receive

               •  Set Single Attribute - used when the PLC wants to send data to the Data Commander™

               •  Get Single Attribute - used when the PLC wants to retrieve data from the Data Commander™

               •  Data Table Write - typically this message type is used to transfer information from one Logix controller

                   to another. The Data Commander™ can be substituted as the receiver of the Data Table write request.

               •  Custom - used when the PLC wants to send data to the Data Commander™ and also expects data                           back all within the execution of the MSG instruction.

       •  The PLC-5/SLC 500 Listener is able to receive

               •  PLC5 Typed Write messages

               •  PLC2 Unprotected Write messages

Defining a Rockwell ControlLogix CPU device

To define a device that represents a Rockwell ControlLogix CPU device, follow these steps:


       1.  From the elliTek - Workbench left pane, expand the Data Commander where you want to define the device.

       2.  Select the Devices icon.

            The Devices window appears as the right pane.

            The Devices window provides a table format that lists the previously defined devices.

       3.  To define a new device, select New at the bottom of the pane.

            The Device window appears. The available device types are determined by the device support that is                       installed in your Data Commander™.

       4.  Use the Type drop-down menu, select ControlLogix CPU under the Rockwell group.

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