Production Line Data Connected to Databases


2018 Golden Mousetrap Award
2018 Golden Mousetrap Award

Hardware & Software Innovation of the Year

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The Data Commander™
The Data Commander™

Dimensions: 180mm x 185mm

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The Data Commander™
The Data Commander™

Temperature Range: -60°C to +80°C ambient

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2018 Golden Mousetrap Award
2018 Golden Mousetrap Award

Hardware & Software Innovation of the Year

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Click HERE to see DATA move in 2 MINUTES vs. 2 Weeks!

MES Appliances in the News

  • The Data Commander™ line of products is now classified as "Legacy Support Only" and is replaced by the IIoTA™ (Industrial Internet of Things Appliance).  The IIoTA™ is the same form factor as the Data Commander™.  Read more here.  Learn more about the IIoTA™ here.
  • The Golden Mousetrap Awards recognize innovation-leading technologies.  Learn more here.  Read the Press Release here and here.
  • Cybersecurity and IT/OT Convergence: How Important is Your Data? Read Brandon's article in Plant Engineering magazine.
  • "Small Companies Make the Leap to Advanced Manufacturing" - read how on Design News.
  • "A Hardware Fix for the OT/IT Conflict" - read about the Data Commander™ on Design News.
  • Click HERE to read our article "Translating Manufacturing Data for the IIoT" in Assembly Magazine.

OPC - "Oh Please Connect"     

The Data Commander™ is an MES gateway appliance opposing PCs and OPC middleware on the factory floor. It is designed as industrial hardened firmware using point-and-click setup to deliver manufacturing intelligence in minutes versus days.

Connect PLCs to Databases

The Data Commander™ eliminates PCs and OPC middleware to connect factory automation with database servers. A high-speed, two-way gateway connection protects data integrity and isolates OT from IT networks.  Auto-enumerated Inserts, Updates, Selects, and Stored Procedure calls communicate directly to the database, and native drivers provide easy access to all PLC memory areas.

OT-IT Convergence

Contact us to learn how our MES gateway appliance can be leveraged to improve your production processes and equipment ROI. The Data Commander™ was created to help you connect OT with IT without compromising your networks.

PLC Drivers

Rockwell Control/Compact Logix

Rockwell SLC/PLC-5

Omron CS1, CJ1/2, & NJ Series

Modicon Quantum Series

Mitsubishi AnS, Fx, Q/iQr, L, & GOT

Siemens S5 & S7

MT Connect

National Instruments Labview / Rio

Tyco Integra C Series Power Meter



Cognex Insight Camera Systems

Keyence SR Series QR Scanners

Red Lion controllers and displays

Cardinal scales

Mettler-Toledo Scales

Vorne Andon Systems

Allen-Bradley PLCs

Mitsubishi PLCs

Omron PLCs

Generic TCP Devices

Custom ASCii / HTML / XML Interface

Data Servers

MS SQL Server





2010 - present

2010 - present